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22 years ago, Lawrence Kansas, 2 boys named Sam and Dean, mother Mary and father John. The Winchesters boys suffered a terrible loss that night. Mary woke up to the sound of her son Sam whining in his crib. She walked in on who she thought was her husband soothing their son. She soon realized, it wasn't John in Sam's room. The moment John heard Mary scream, he knew something was very wrong. He ran up to Sam's room and found his wife on the ceiling, soon engulfed in flames.


Flash forward to now, Sam at Stanford with his girlfriend Jess. One night when they were winding down for the night, Sam hears an intruder. Going to investigate, he gets into an altercation. He soon realizes its his brother Dean, who comes to tell him their father has gone on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a few days. Dean believes their father is in trouble and its up to them to go and find him. Sam leaves Stanford for the weekend to help his brother. He tells Jess he will be back in time for his interview on Monday. Jess is concerned about Sam, worried that he wont be back in time for his interview, he assures Jess it will be ok.


Jericho California, a man driving down the road, sees a woman in a white dress on the side of the road. He picks her up and she talks him into taking her home. They arrive but she soon disappears, the man drives away. She reappears and kills him in his car. On the way to Jericho they come across the crime scene. Dean flashes his Federal Marshal badge to get into the investigation, soon realizing the local police have no idea what really happen. They make their way into town and start interviewing people close to the victim. While they are talking to some girls, one tells them about a local legend. Sam finds out that a woman named Constance Welch committed suicide due to her children dying in their house. Constance jumped off the same bridge where the guy had been killed.


Sam and Dean go back to the bridge, they get into an argument about hunting and Sam going back to Stanford. Its apparent Sam doesn't want back into that life, which makes Dean mad.  They see a woman standing on a ledge, she jumps and they run after her. All of the sudden their car turns on and it started driving towards them. Sam and Dean both jump off the bridge to escape getting run over. Dean ends up in the water while Sam crawls back up. Heading back to their car Dean yells, "That Constance chick, what a bitch!"


They check into a motel and find out their father had rented a room for the whole month. They see all his research and come to the conclusion that he took off before he finished the case. Dean is arrested due to the fake badge and fake credit card. The police officer accuses them of committing these crimes. The cop asks Dean about a journal that belonged to their father. He isn't allowed to leave until Dean tells him what the code 35-111 means.


Sam is across town interviewing the husband of Constance who tells Sam a story that doesn't match how she died or why. Sam asks Mr. Welch if he knew of the Woman in White. The story goes, a cheating husband, temporary insanity leads the wife to kill her children, overcome with regret she kills herself. She comes back to seek revenge on men who are unfaithful to their wives or girlfriends. Back to Dean, where he is handcuffed to the table, he picks the lock with a paperclip and escapes. Sam and Dean are talking on the phone, how their dad has left town. While Sam is driving, he runs into the Woman in White. She forces him to take her home. She operates the car in the direction of the abandoned house. She tries to get him to be unfaithful, which he refuses. Dean comes to the rescue buy shooting out the window of the car. The woman dissipates for a brief moment giving Sam enough time to drive through the house, taking Constance home. She sees her dead children at the top of the stairs. All three of them soon disappear forever. Leaving behind a puddle of water. Case solved.


The boys still have another mystery to solve, where their father has led them to next. Black Ridge Colorado. Sam has to get back to Stanford so Dean takes him back. He walks into his apartment and lays down. He feels something on his face, he opens his eyes and sees Jess on the ceiling. He watches her burst into flames. Dean barrels through the door to get Sam out of the apartment. At this moment Sam realizes that he has to go with Dean in order to find their father who will lead them to the thing that killed their mother and now Jess.


~My Thoughts~


 Introducing a family who was struck by a horrific event, flash forward to a college student and his on the road brother. The way Sam talks about their past, how they were raised to hunt and kill monsters, moving around place to place. It is clear Sam wanted out while Dean liked the life. Sam is reluctant to go with Dean but he does anyways. Its funny how Sam comments on Dean cassette collection, then Dean says "Driver picks the music, Shotgun shuts his cakehole!"


When Dean pulled out the fake badges, flashes his fake credit card with fake name, it shows how they have to live. Different identity all the time. When they get to the bridge and Constance messes with Dean's car and how he calls her a bitch, I could instantly tell he doesn't like when he is messed with, even more so when his car is messed with.


Jerk. Bitch. HaHa! :)


It is clear Sam wants to go back to Stanford but Dean wants Sam to go with him to find their dad. I had a feeling that when Sam got back something bad would happen. There you have it, Jess dies the same way their mother died. I knew at that moment same would do whatever it took to hunt the thing that killed Jess and their Mom.


Overall, this episode is a classic. We get a feel for how the story will go from here on out!


Until next episode, Happy Hunting! :)

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